Old Prayer Books for Difficult Times

Several weeks ago, I would never have guessed that my life soon will be largely confined to the small room in the college accommodation interrupted only by one walk or cycle a day which is presently allowed in the UK. I already made arrangements to travel back to Poland and spend, for the first time in five years, the Easter with my family. All of my plans were, however, suddenly overturned by the spread of the pandemic. My daily routine also had to change. I do not get up every morning to cycle to the Tyndale House. My life is not organised according to the schedule of 11 am and 4 pm coffee breaks. There are no Tuesday chapels to attend and no Hebrew reading groups. And, although these things would stop anyway during the break, I know that in the Easter term there will be no research seminars at the Faculty of Divinity or complines and vespers in my college’s chapel. This leaves me with a lot of time to work, think and write. 

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