Podcast Thoughts #1: A Podcast Rookie

For a long time, I was not really a podcast-person. This was in large part probably due to the fact that my phone was really old, and it is very impractical to listen to podcasts on a laptop. Podcasts only make sense when you can listen to them doing chores, eating, exercising or during some other mechanical task. This summer, I decided that it was high time to move somewhat closer to modern times in terms of my phone, and I began to slowly gain an appreciation for podcasts. But my appreciation jumped up considerably after a lock-down was imposed in the UK. I guess, now I almost understand why my dad can listen to the radio (something I never quite understood). Anyway, I thought that since I listen to a few podcasts somewhat regularly now, perhaps I could share briefly what is on my subscription list and even get some podcast recommendations from others?

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