Good Friday 2020: Mockers and Confessors

Recently, I spent some time meditating on Luke’s account of the crucifixion and preparing a sermon for a Good Friday (online) service. One of the things that captured my attention was how Luke gives his own touch to the well-known narrative. We are really blessed to have four gospels, each of which brings its own unique perspective on the passion. They tell us the same story but not in the same way. Each evangelist brings his own interests, sensitivity and sources to tell us something important about the death of our Lord. So what are some unique ‘touches’ that Luke gives to this story?

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Monday before Easter 2020

It is going to be a very strange Holy Week. Most of us will spend it in isolation. There will be no large family gatherings. No traditional Polish Easter breakfast (or at least not for me). Any worship services will have to happen online. But perhaps at this time, we need all the more the Holy Week. We need to remind ourself about the hope that it brings into our lives.

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