About Myself

Welcome to my personal blog, where I’m sharing my thoughts on theology, culture and biblical studies. One of the reasons for creating this website was to motivate myself to write short notes on the various books that I read. I am especially interested in reading and rereading classical works of Christian theology. I have chosen, therefore, to call this blog Homo Legens.

My name is Filip Sylwestrowicz. I am a follower of Christ who found his ecclesiastical home in the Reformed tradition and strives to interact with other confessional traditions in an ecumenical and irenic spirit. Currently, I am pursuing DPhil in New Testament at the University of Oxford. I have recently graduated with MPhil in New Testament from the University of Cambridge and I also have a MDiv from Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary and a BA in Hebrew Studies from the University of Warsaw.

My academic interests lie in the field of New Testament studies. Primarily they include the Pauline letters and their Jewish and Greco-Roman backgrounds, motifs of blessing and cursing and New Testament textual criticism. But I am also broadly interested in theology and culture. This blog features both my thoughts related to my academic interests and musings on other subjects.

You can also follow me on Twitter and Academia.edu. On my Academia.edu profile you can find my academic CV.