Welcome to my personal website, my name is Filip J. Sylwestrowicz. I am a doctoral student in biblical studies at the University of Oxford working under the supervision of prof. David Downs. My doctoral work focuses on the practices of cursing and blessing in the corpus Paulinum. I am also broadly interested in biblical studies and Christian theology, especially in the Jewish and Greco-Roman background of the New Testament, biblical manuscripts, textual criticism, early Christianity, and the Church Fathers. 

Before coming to Oxford, I read for an MPhil in the New Testament and early Christianity at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of prof. Simon Gathercole. I also completed an MDiv at Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary and a BA in Hebrew Studies at the University of Warsaw. For three consecutive summers I also served as an intern at Tyndale House (Cambridge) where I was involved in research on the palimpsested Greek codex and helped prepare the Tyndale House Greek New Testament.

My academic interest in the Holy Scripture arises out of faith in Jesus Christ. In Him I have found forgiveness of sins and hope for the life to come. I consider myself a follower of Christ who found his ecclesiastical home in the Reformed tradition and strives to interact with other confessional traditions in an ecumenical and irenic spirit, seeking mutual enrichment and constructive dialogue. 

When I am not reading theology and biblical studies, I love to read works of literature, drink coffee, visit bookstores or stroll around charming spots in old city districts. A huge spot in my heart is occupied by the Inkligns – especially J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. 

You can follow my academic work on the Humanities Common and Academia.edu.